Naseeruddin Shah admitted: Pneumonia; Nazaruddin Shah hospitalized – actor naseeruddin shah admitted in hospital due to pneumonia

Actor Nazaruddin Shah hospitalized for pneumonia The actor has been undergoing treatment at the Hinduja Hospital in Mumbai for the past two days. He was initially admitted to the hospital for treatment of pneumonia but was found to have some problems in his lungs.

His manager responded that he was responding well to treatment. He is survived by his wife Ratna Pathak Shah and children.
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Nazaruddin Shah’s wife Ratna Pathak Shah, meanwhile, was reported to have told PTI that the 70-year-old actor was responding well to treatment, saying, “Yes, he has a minor lung problem, but everything is under control. He is responding well to treatment and is expected to be discharged soon.”

Earlier, it was reported that Nazaruddin Shah was in hospital. But he himself came on the scene denying all that.

Recently, he talked about the emerging sectarianism in the country under the name of Love Jihad which was much discussed.

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“I am just happy to be free in the country. Look at things like the love jihad going on in UP. First of all, even the creators do not know the meaning of this expression. I think it is foolish to think that Muslims will outnumber the Hindu population, ”Nazaruddin Shah said.