NASA to welcome first person of color to moon via Artemis program –

NASA intends to deploy the first woman and person of color to the moon through the Artemis program. NASA Interim Administrator Steve Jurczyk pointed this out in his April 9 press release. The Biden administration has said it will support the agency’s progress through the budget allocations it advocates.

The White House has submitted a proposal explaining how allocations for next year are to be listed. The proposal offers the agency $ 24.7 billion, which would help it carry out several missions, including the return of samples from Mars, the study of the climate, Earth observation operations and the weather forecast. Jurczyk welcomed the new allocations to NASA, announcing they would send a person of color and a woman to the moon.

The agency explained that this credit would help it in its subsequent missions and respond to the President’s desire for fairness in all areas. The Biden administration has proven it can maintain fairness by appointing people of all walks of life and of all genders to positions of power. The agency’s statement describes its specific goal of sending a person of color and the first woman to the moon, contrary to the original plan for the next man and first woman.

However, the Trump administration had made it clear that this mission would take place in 2024. The Biden administration did not indicate a specific time when the lunar landing mission would begin. Jurczyk added that the $ 24.7 billion is proof that the Biden administration is ready to back the agency even in the difficult times the pandemic has placed the country in.

The president’s announcement will pave the way for NASA to welcome more satellites into space. These satellites will help the agency to have a better view of the Earth and to project the new meteorological models being tested in the days to come. Additionally, the funding will streamline missions to Mars to retrieve the samples the Rover Perseverance is collecting.

The executive expressed satisfaction that the government supports their missions despite the difficult economic situation in the country. The various projects included in this funding are essential to achieve the agency’s objectives which had been delayed for some time. The administration added that it would present a full budget that would meet all projects indicated by the government. Nonetheless, Congress will make some adjustments to the budget before it can pass it for allocation.