Mukesh Opens Up About The Reason Why He Become A Superstar | Why Mukesh did not become a superstar; The actor answered the fans’ constant question



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Actors Mukesh and Lal reunite in Tsunami Earlier, the duo had revealed in an interview to Manorama that they had worked together on Ramjirao’s Speing. Mukesh, who played the brother, friend or neighbor of Mohanlal and Mammootty, had said that he got the lead role through Ramjirao’s speaking.

Although many people said no, Lal had made it clear that he had decided to cast Mukesh in their film from the beginning. The actor has also answered the question as to why Mukesh did not become a superstar.


‘A lot of people have asked me why I didn’t become a superstar. Still asking. I do not know why. But then I realized that the rest of the directors and producers were angry with Siddique-Lal.

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When their film comes out, everything else falls apart. The rest of the releases change according to their release. No one who made major films during that period was willing to make me a hero or give me a good role. Sairam was really supposed to play Saikumar. But Jayaram will have a picture of Bharathettan at that time, or a picture of Padmarajan.

Because of that the date never got right. So Saikumar was finally found and confirmed. The advance for this movie is given to me at 4 in the morning. I was going to Kashmir for the shooting of Nairsab. But Mukesh says that Pachika and Murray had a lot of faith at the time and it was imperative to overcome that.

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