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Mohammed al-Khaja became the first UAE ambassador to Israel. In Tel Aviv, President Rouen Revill was sworn in. For the first time in history, the UAE embassy is opening in Israel.

Mohammed al-Khaja became the first UAE ambassador to Israel after the national anthem was heard in the Israeli capital, Tel Aviv. Hebrew said the historic mission marked a new beginning for diplomatic relations between the two countries.

The ambassador tweeted in Arabic and English. There are many things that the UAE and Israel can do together

The peace and prosperity of the people of the region can be promoted through mutual cooperation and respect.

Israeli President Reuven Rivlin said. The ambassador also held talks with External Affairs Minister Gabby Ashkanas. The two discussed ways to strengthen ties between the two countries under the UAE-Israel peace agreement and enhance cooperation in various fields. Al Khaja has been appointed Ambassador from the post of Chief of Staff in the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The Israeli embassy in Abu Dhabi opened in January. Diplomatic relations were established for the first time in history after the two countries agreed to join hands on September 15.