MS Dhoni is extremely practical and pragmatic: Deep Dasgupta on captain CSK’s batting position in IPL 2021

Former Indian doorman Deep Dasgupta said on Monday that the MS Dhoni was “extremely practical and pragmatic” when it came to understanding the situation on the ground and would never step in front of someone who is in better shape. in the batting order of the Chennai Super Kings. Dasgupta said CSK needn’t worry about their captain starting the 2021 IPL on a rusty note, given the depth of their batting unit.

Speaking to Sports Today, Deep Dasgupta pointed out that CSK have the punching depth and firepower to be flexible depending on the game situation in the 2021 IPL. Comments from the former wicket keeper are even though Dhoni’s batting position was under discussion after the skipper of CSK arrived at No. 7 in both games he has played so far for CSK.

Dhoni struck after fit Sam Curran in their 6-wicket win over the Punjab Kings last week, but the skipper passed Curran on Monday against the Rajasthan Royals after being sent to bat. Dhoni came into play when CSK lost two wickets in the 14th.

The former Indian drummer looked rusty as he took 6 balls to escape before coming out for a 17-ball 18. The latest cameos from Sam Curran and Dwayne Bravo believed he helped Chennai Super Kings record a total of 188 victories in Mumbai.

“He is extremely practical and pragmatic. He would know where he is and he would know where the others are. Trust him to take a call, it won’t get on top of someone else with better form. If you watch the last game, he didn’t beat Sam Curran. It is extremely practical. He knows what the situation is at ground level, ”said Dasgupta.

“Yeah, if you haven’t played games you will (look rusty) in the first two games. But you don’t have to worry about it. And they’ve got stick up to 11. They’ve got Dwayne Bravo at No. 9. I don’t really think they have to worry too much, but they have to have good stick order depending on the situation.

“I thought they were right (against) RR. It doesn’t matter which number you are in, in my opinion in T20s only your openers are fixed and everything else becomes flexible. If your openers get off to a good start in 7-8 overs then you need to be flexible. I think CSK can afford to be flexible, ”he said.

MS Dhoni knows what to do: Pragyan Ojha

Former Indian spinner Pragyan Ojha also echoed Dasgupta’s stance on MS Dhoni’s batting order for CSK in IPL 2021, saying the three-time championship-winning captain is unlikely to promote himself higher in the league. order unless he feels the need to do so.

Notably, Dhoni did not play any competitive cricket after IPL 2020, although his CSK teammates had some playing time in the international cricket season ahead of this year’s edition of the T20 League. On Monday, Dhoni himself admitted that his slow start could have cost CSK the game on another day.

“Everyone knows the MS Dhoni. He knows exactly what to do. How many people say he has to go up in order, he will continue to play at the same position. He will not step up order until he feels that at some point his time requires him to step up order, ”Ojha said.

After winning two games on the rebound, CSK will be confident when they face Kolkata Knight Riders in their penultimate game of the season in Mumbai on Wednesday 22 April.