MPs say it is a violation of international human rights law

Kuwait City: MPs should not deport foreigners in the name of freedom of expression. MPs are reacting to Interior Minister Sheikh Tamir Ali al-Sabah’s decision to deport a Jordanian man who took part in a dharna in Iraqi square over a travel ban for those who have not been vaccinated.

Abdul Kareem Al Kandari, Abdul Aziz Al Saqabi, Muhammad Al Sawyer, Tamir Al Suwait Faris Al Daihani and Obaid Al Wasmi disagreed. Obaid al-Wasmi said the decision to deport was a violation of international human rights law.

Freedom of expression is part of human rights. There should be no distinction between natives and foreigners. Abdul Kareem al-Kandari said that freedom of expression is a constitutional right. He added that different attitudes based on citizenship would become discriminatory.