Mourinho: “Why did it take a long time for Bale to reach his good form? Ask Real Madrid »

Tottenham manager and former Real Madrid coach Jose Mourinho has spoken to the press about Gareth Bale, who has delivered some quality performances for the London club in recent times, although it took him almost half of the season to reach this kind of level. Bale is still a Real Madrid player so his current performances could possibly decide his future if Tottenham wish to extend his current loan deal for another season.

“For the past two years he had what he had in Madrid. Ask Real Madrid, so maybe you will understand why it took a long time for them to reach this good form. Maybe staying patient was the main reason he was able to show his level over the past two weeks, ”Mourinho said.

If Tottenham decide not to keep Bale for another season, it won’t be easy for Real Madrid to find him a new club ready to pay his salary, especially when he is set to become a free agent in the summer. 2022.

Right now Real Madrid fans should want Bale to continue to operate in this way so that Tottenham will think the loan deal is worth another season.