Most of you are considering the OnePlus watch

OnePlus watch renderings

The OnePlus Watch is now official about five years after it was first imagined by the company. It’s nothing revolutionary, but marks the company’s first foray into the smartwatch segment. For a $ 159 smartwatch, it packs a 1.39-inch AMOLED display, 4GB of storage, and two weeks of battery life. But does this feature set appeal to readers?

In a recent survey, we asked you if you were considering buying the OnePlus Watch. Here is what you told us.

Will you buy the OnePlus watch?

OnePlus Watch survey results

Unlike the half-hearted reception of the OnePlus 9 series, the OnePlus Watch apparently has quite a few fans. More than 1,400 votes were counted and only 24.5% of voters say they do not buy the OnePlus Watch. That’s a surprisingly large share, given that OnePlus largely hasn’t been tried in this segment.

36% of respondents were on the fence, answering “maybe” to the question asked. Just under 40% were more assured, giving us a resounding “yes”.

OnePlus doesn’t compete with the Apple Watch or Samsung Galaxy Watch 3, but it will target budget offerings from Amazfit and Xiaomi. OnePlus has a good chance in this particular fight, but if the watch looks like the OnePlus Band, you might want to look elsewhere for a new laptop.

This is what you told us

  • Cometer: Several gaps. Few apps, no NFC. Lacks some high-end smart watch features like EPG and apps. The problem I have with this device is that it targets a niche within a niche. Of course, its price is advantageous compared to the other options and gives a decent autonomy. But that’s the problem. There are many well-established, similar alternatives.
  • MOSSIE125: It looks really good, I can’t wait for an in-depth comparison. If it stacks up, I’ll probably get the limited edition because of the sapphire crystal.
  • Tennisfreak: No mention of whether this watch will work with any phone or not. And if so, will it have full functionality across all platforms or will it need to be paired with OnePlus devices?

That’s it for our OnePlus Watch survey. Thank you for your votes and comments. If you have any additional thoughts on the OnePlus Watch or the survey results, be sure to drop them below.