Microsoft is working on 1080p xCloud streams for Xbox Game Pass

Microsoft is reportedly working on its Xbox Game Streaming app for Windows devices. The app will come with access to streaming games through its cloud-based streaming service, Project xCloud. The app will also offer the ability to stream games in 1080p resolution.

WindowsCentral points out that Xbox cloud games were limited to a maximum resolution of 720p for streaming. HD resolution, however, also falls short in terms of user experience. The report points out that 720p streams appear blurry.

1080p for xCloud would bring Microsoft’s game streaming service closer to Google Stadia’s “free” tier service. The latest update also includes direct console streaming, which is also at 1080p resolution.

The Verge reports that Microsoft is also working on the Xbox Remote Play feature. It will be available to connect Xbox consoles. The functionality would work similarly to the current functionality of Microsoft Console Companion. Users will have the option to reactivate an Xbox console remotely. They can log in and play games on the go.

The update also brings full touch support. It’s likely to help users of Surface or other touchscreen Windows devices play Xbox games without the need for a controller. Microsoft will also provide gyro support, according to the report. The internal beta shows the feature is already listed but is not yet fully functional, the report added.

Microsoft’s continued development towards xCloud comes when Google grapples with its identical service, Google Stadia.

Earlier this month, Google announced the closure of its in-house gaming division for Stadia. According to reports, Google developers were not happy with the decision. Interestingly, Google Stadia vice president and general manager Phil Harrison praised staff for the studio’s “great strides” just a week before the shutdown was announced.