“Michael Jordan, because he talks so much shit”: CC Sabathia reveals why he was hitting MJ rather than LeBron James

Future Yankees Hall of Fame pitcher CC Sabathia has explained why he would choose to remove Michael Jordan rather than LeBron James.

Sabathia is one of the most baffled characters in the world of sports. He recently sat down for an interview with Jalen Rose and spoke at length on a wide range of topics. He spoke about his free time, when he was in rehab for alcohol addiction and severe depression.

Sabathia lost her grandmother just before being recruited in 1998. Her father in 2003 and many other close family members follow one another in rapid succession. He credits the therapy and rehabilitation for helping him tap into his emotions.

“I had to go to rehab to be able to express these feelings and express these emotions, to really take a look and sit down, cry and cry and give you a chance to breathe. And it’s okay to cry.

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CC Sabathia chooses Michael Jordan over LeBron James when asked who he wants to remove

Jalen Rose asked Sabathia if he had the chance to remove LeBron James or Michael Jordan, who he would choose:

“MJ of course. Because he talks so mucht. Even now like, my shoulder is broken, I want her to get into the box now and cross it off.

“The last time he came to one of my starts, I think I did three or four walks, and I got out of the tunnel and… before he gave me a five, he was like ‘Why are you walking so many guys?’… “I was like dawg, saw the back of your f-king baseball card.”

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