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Rio de Janeiro: Lionel Messi celebrates Argentina’s record for most matches with a double. Argentina beat Bolivia 4-1 in Copa America football Messi makes his 148th international appearance

He started the scoring in the 33rd minute with a penalty kick. In the 42nd minute, Sergio Aguero chipped the ball into the Bolivian net. Messi holds Javier Mascherano’s record of 147 appearances. Messi’s goal tally rose to 75.

Alessandro Dario Gomez (6) and Lauto Martinez (65) also scored. Messi also had an assist for Gomez. Bolivia’s goal was scored by Invin Savedra (60).

Argentina advanced to the quarterfinals as group winners with 10 points from four games. In another match, Uruguay beat Paraguay (1-0). Edinson Cavani scored from the penalty spot in the 21st minute.

Quarter lineup

July 3


(2.30 am)


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July 4

Uruguay- Colombia

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