Meeting of the Spiritual Leaders of the Church of the Sermon on the Mount in Europe Week |

Rome: Europe in connection with the death anniversary of St. Thomas the Apostle The Le Sero Mala Bar Leaders’ Conference is held on an online platform. Summit starting on July 3 at 1pm (Ireland-GMT) Major Archbishop Cardinal Marjorie The Lancer will be inaugurated. The keynote address will be delivered by Shamshabad Rupa Mehta Mar Rafael Thatti.

Church games of the Church of the Sermon on the Mount in various European countries Lecturers, parish committee members and organizational leaders Apostolic Visitors to Europe to Participate in Yoga Stephen Chip informed the press.

The Spirit of Faith of St. Thomas the Apostle, the Father of Indian Christians This service, which is conducted on the day of the purchase, is also used to purchase the sender. He said the meeting was worthwhile.