Mansoor murder: I don’t know under what circumstances my son posted on Facebook – P Jayarajan

Koothuparambu: CPM P Jayarajan on the Facebook post of Jain Raj’s son in connection with the murder of Paral Mansoor (22), a Muslim League activist in Koothuparambu, Kannur. Jain Raj wrote on Facebook, “It has become a habit to buy and sell …”. CPM supporters are commenting below the post as if to justify the murder.

Explanation shared by P. Jayarajan: Now I saw a Facebook post of my son on the channels as news. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. I do not agree with such a comment when it comes to the Panoor conflict. The party supporters have to take part in the struggle to bring peace to the area where the unfortunate death took place.

Jain Raj’s post at the time of BJP leader Manoj’s assassination in 2014 was also controversial. The bomber struck shortly after noon in front of a police station. His brother Muhsin, 27, was seriously injured in the attack. The incident took place around 8 last night.

The bomber struck shortly after noon as he was talking to friends in Muhsin’s backyard. Mansoor was attacked by his brother when he tried to stop Muhsin from dragging him away. Muhsin’s mother and a woman in the neighborhood were injured when they tried to stop the mob. Mansoor’s father is Paral Mustafa in Alsifa. Mother: Sakina. Siblings: Muneeb, Mubil, Muhasin and Muhammad.