Manju Warrier as a model in Mammootty’s camera: Actress says this is a treasure

Lady Superstar Manju Warrier shares pictures taken by Malayalam mega star Mammootty. Manju has come up with the films while the two are making great strides in The Priest theaters where they have come together. The actress shared pictures taken during the filming of Priest.

Manju shared her new photos on social media saying, ‘These are pictures taken by an expert photographer in Malayalam cinema, this is a treasure, thank you very much Mammootty’. The images are all going viral.

The pictures are getting great feedback. In the comments, fans say that the best photos are of Mammootty. According to comments, Mammootty took the pictures with the help of a professional photographer.

Manju Warrier played the role of Susan in Priest. The film, which hit theaters on March 11, has been getting a good response for weeks now.