Manjil Virinja Poovu Serial Actor Yuva Krishna Says First He Saw Mridula Vijay In A Toddy Shop | Young Krishna says that he first saw the future bride Mridula from the toddy shop; Arrived at the wedding a year later

When asked where he first met Mridula, the young man replied that he was in a toddy shop. After getting the promo items, Elena captioned the audience by saying that the young man first met Mridula at a toy shop. With this, the young man asks if he is really just going to drink toddy at the toddy shop. That’s where you get the best food. The actor said that he saw Mridula when he went to eat like that.

It’s the first time in normal life that a girl is seen, or the boyfriend and girlfriend meet in a foreign cafe. But Elena asks if it went to the toddy shop. ‘Elena asks jokingly that when the young man says that it’s nothing to impress Mridula, he went to see her feed.’

On an off day, I and Rekha Chechi, their driver, Mridula and her sister all went out to hang out together. At that time, I planned to go to the Punchakiri shop. All this happened a year ago. No marriage or other matters were discussed at the time. Young also says that this is how I see Mridula for the first time.

After that, the young woman’s answer to Elena’s question as to whether you liked each other was no. We met a year ago but we didn’t even have the same messaging as regular friends send. Occasionally I would ask, “Hi, hello, how are you? What’s up?” Or not. That’s all there was to it.

A year later, just before Rekha’s met Chechi’s birthday, such plans were made. It was time to see the girl well in my house. The situation was similar at her home. I’ve been looking for a girl for a while. My mother and aunts all looked tired. Finally he came to me and said, “Bring me a good girl, we will tie you up.” But it must be our child who has joined all of this. He said that there is such a thing. So I went down to the field and tapped, ”says the player.