manikkuttan opens up | You have been my love for the last 15 years; Manikuttan speaks openly about love for the first time

manikkuttan opens up

Manikuttan is a young Malayalam actor. Manikuttan has arrived as a contestant in Malayalam’s favorite reality show Bigg Boss Season 3. The task on the show last day was a task about first love. In this task, Manikuttan talks openly about the love he has been thinking about for fifteen years.

Manikuttan, who did not want to be named, said that the girl he fell in love with was married to another man today but she is still the only lover in his mind. That kid never cheated on me, just loved me a lot. Just a lot of respect. She needed another love at that time. I was told it was an inseparable relationship and spoke to me very politely, Manikuttan said. After that, no matter who asks about love, I usually answer that it is Radha, Mary or her sister.

I have been saying this for the last fifteen years but I wanted to convey that respect to that child whenever I could find a platform somewhere inside me. The wedding did not take place as we thought in my then condition but I still respect you, you are my first love, you have been the same for the last fifteen years, Manikuttan said.