Mandira Bedi: I have nothing to hide about my age, the wrinkles on my face add to my personality

She is an avid fitness enthusiast and has given fitness goals to many people over the years which has resulted in her being called someone who ages inside out. But for Mandira Bedi, it was never about that and more about being the best version of herself and happy.

The actor-presenter, who is celebrating his 49th birthday, says: “When I was 40, there was a release. There was a time in my 30s when the age on Wikipedia bothered me because I’m not someone with a strong PR team that would keep changing ages. My real age is over there and I used to think “oh my gosh my age is over there”. Now I have nothing more to hide about my age. Since I was 40, I have felt that people appreciate the fact that I am who I am. I try to stay authentic and I try to stay real, this has been my mantra for 40 years.

Bedi says she also believes in keeping it all natural and doesn’t believe in going through artificial treatments to look young.

“When it comes to aging, I am not a person who believes in something abnormal. I have lines on my forehead, so be it, laugh lines add to my personality. I have a thing against using botox and fillers. It’s not my thing at all. My face is what it is. It ages as it is. I like it to stay real. I haven’t injected anything into my face, nor have I tried any unnatural process to change my appearance. I’m all natural and I want it to stay as long as possible, ”she explains.

In addition to being a year old, birthdays hold a special place in Bedi’s life. This one will be all the more special as it is the first time that she will celebrate it with her four-year-old daughter, Tara, whom she and her husband Raj Kaushal adopted last year.

“I can’t wait to celebrate my birthday with her. She has a very courageous personality, she is not child’s play. My son (Vir) and she get along very well. I always prayed that they would get along and that there would be no negativity. He is very affectionate and protective of her. She loves him anyway, ”says Bedi.

Celebrations aside, Bedi is aware of the current pandemic situation and hopes and prays for the situation to improve. “I pray that the world will be safe, free and abundant again. I really want to return to a place of happiness. I want us to enjoy life the way we could without the bonds of masks and disinfectants. Now we can’t hug people. I want all of us to be free and natural again, to return to the life we ​​have always known, ”she concludes.