Mamata Banerjee “attacked” in Nandigram: key developments | West Bengal election news

NEW DELHI: West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee said on Wednesday she was pushed by “four-five people” who abused her during the election campaign in Nandigram.
The incident took place around 6:15 p.m. when the chief minister was about to leave the Birulia area near Reyapara after praying at a local temple.
Banerjee, who was due to spend the night in Nandigram in the Purba Medinipur district, was rushed back to Calcutta and hospitalized.
The incident triggered a security scare as the chief minister obtains Z-plus protection.
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Here is an overview of the main developments following the incident:

  • Banerjee alleged that she was pushed by four to five men as she tried to get into the car, which fell flat on her face. The chief minister said her leg was swollen from the injury and had a fever, in addition to having chest pain.

  • The Indian Election Commission (ECI) has requested a detailed report from West Bengal’s chief secretary and his special state observers Ajay Nayak and Vivek Dubey. Reports were requested no later than 5 p.m. Friday.

  • “Not even a police officer was present. 4 to 5 people intentionally manhandled me in the presence of the public. No local police present during the program, not even SP. This is definitely a plot,” Mamata said.
  • Mamata Banerjee was taken to SSKM Hospital in Kolkata for treatment.
  • The state government has assembled a team of five senior doctors to treat Banerjee, health department officials said. The team included a cardiologist, an endocrinologist, a general surgeon, an orthopedist and a doctor, they said.
  • “We will stabilize her first. An x-ray will be done on her leg. We need to know the degree of her injury and then the course of our treatment will be decided,” a doctor at the hospital told PTI.
  • Congressional supporters from Trinamool took to the streets of West Bengal to protest the alleged attack on Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee in Nandigram on Wednesday evening. TMC supporters raised slogans against the BJP and protested at various locations, including Sovabazar and Chetla in Kolkata, and Bally in Howrah.


West Bengal polls: Mamata injured after being ‘manhandled’ during election campaign in Nandigram

  • Union Minister Piyush Goyal said following the Nandigram incident that the TMC chairman was “disturbed”.
    “I think I’ll refrain from commenting. You are all smart and have covered (reported) such things your whole life. Our didi is disturbed. These are signs of a defeated party and a defeated candidate. She will lose Nandigram and there will be a change in West Bengal, ”he said.
  • West Bengal BJP vice chairman Arjun Singh claimed Mamata organized the incident to garner sympathy.
    “Was it the Taliban that her convoy was attacked? A huge police force is accompanying her. Who can approach her? Four IPS agents are in charge of her security and must be suspended. made a drama for sympathy, ”Singh said.
  • Trinamool MP Sukhendu Sekhar Ray, who was in Nandigram at the time of the incident, released a statement.
    “After a widespread response from residents of Nandigram Block-1 yesterday (Tuesday), Mamata Banerjee visited several locations in Nandigram Block II after applying in Haldia. She offered Puja one after another.