Malls to open in Karnataka after July 5 | The malls will open in Karnataka after July 5

Bangalore: More concessions with less code expansion in the state Govt. As part of this, the state will open shopping malls from July 5. The government is in the process of consulting for approval.

Representatives of the Shopping Center Association will be on hand to see and open. It has been approved and the matter will be discussed in the Cabinet. Europe said. Other concessions include opening malls and shopping centers. There is a lot of discussion going on. “I do not think there is a final decision on this,” he said. It is reported that permission has been granted to open from July 5. Kovil announces second phase unlock of existing code until July 5th ഉള്ള ത്. Even if all businesses have been given permission to open Permission to open shops, shopping complexes and shops with AC Not played. Shopping Centers Association seeks permission to open malls Members of India also called on Chief Minister Yu.

Even if the malls are allowed to open, it will be delayed from nine in the morning. It’s only a matter of time before it’s too late. C. Representative G.M. Thank you. Permission to open a mall overnight in compliance with the Code of Conduct The association wants that to happen. Operation of food courts inside malls even when malls are open The BBMP Chief Commission said that strict monitoring was required in this regard. Revealed by Gov. Gupta.

From seven to six in the morning

BANGALORE: From July 1 to 6 pm on our Metro Rail BMRCA was informed that the service was conducted by. Less than five minutes off-peak hours The service will take about 15 minutes to complete. However, due to the weekly curfew, Saturday and Sunday BMRCA was also informed that there was no Metro service in the area.

Check out the ticket token parked in the background of Kovid Mahamari Will be available to passengers. Q.R. from ticket counters. You can buy a token by scanning the code or paying. Passengers will be scanned at the entrance to the metro station. BMA requires passengers to strictly abide by the code of conduct. That ‘s it. Our Metro train service will resume on June 21st with lockdown concessions. Frightened. From seven in the morning until 11 in the morning and from three to six in the evening. There was a service. This has now been extended for a longer period of time. Only travel using a smart card is permitted.