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Reshma's Facebook 'boyfriend' is the same young woman who committed suicide;  Three lives were lost when the joke went too far

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Kollam: Police have found Reshma’s ‘Facebook lover’ who abandoned her newborn baby in a charcoal kiln. The police found out that it was Arya and Grieshma who were chatting with Reshma from the fake ID ‘Anandu’. The police confirmed this after questioning Greeshma’s friend. Grishma had revealed to her friend that she was cheating on Reshma by chatting like this. This is crucial in the police investigation into the Facebook lover. His confession will be recorded in the case.

Reshma was arrested on June 22 in connection with the abandonment of a newborn baby in a charcoal kiln in Kalluvatukkal. After months of searching, DNA tests revealed that the baby’s mother was Reshma. Reshma pleaded guilty during police questioning. According to Reshma, the baby was abandoned to live with her Facebook boyfriend. The woman then began a search for a Facebook boyfriend she had never met in person.

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Reshma used a SIM card in the name of her husband’s sister-in-law Arya. Following this, Arya was summoned by the police for questioning. But after this, Arya and another relative, Grishma, jumped into the river and killed themselves. With this, the mystery of the incident increased.

With the deaths of Arya and Grishma, the case faced various challenges. Earlier, police had summoned only Arya for questioning. But they also took the summer and killed it. The question arose as to why this was so. The police then recorded a detailed statement from the husbands of Reshma and Arya. After this, the investigation extended to Greeshma’s friend. When he was questioned, crucial information was obtained in the case.

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Police have found out that Arya, Greeshma and Reshma had created a fake Facebook ID under the name Anandu just for fun. Police suspect that they did not know that Reshma was pregnant. They did not think that Reshma had abandoned the baby. However, with the arrest of Reshma in the case, the two feared that they too would be caught.

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