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Ramanattukara road accident during smuggling attempt to snatch gold;  Eight people are in custody


Kozhikode: It has become clear that the accident that killed five people at Ramanattukara Pulinchodu was during an attempt to smuggle gold. From the beginning, the police suspected that the accident was related to gold smuggling. Why did fifteen people come to take a foreigner home? Why do people who want to go to Cherpulassery come to Ramanattukara? Contradictory answers were received from those who were with these questions. This doubled the suspicion. Their first statement was that the occupants of the Bolero car in the accident had gone to the Ramanattukara area to buy water. They later said they arrived at the scene after receiving information about the accident. However, none of them gave a definite answer to the question of who was picked up at the airport.

This is the conclusion of the police about the accident.

Shafeek Koduvalli, a native of Murkanad, Malappuram, brings 2.5 kg of gold from Dubai. This information was leaked to the leader of the quotation, Charal Faisal from Cherpulassery. A 15-member team led by Faisal is planning to snatch the gold. The group reached Karipur in Bolero, Innova and Baleno cars. According to information received from Koduvalli, the vehicles of those who came to buy gold were monitored. The Koduvalli team reached Fortuner and Thor. Koduvalli’s team rushed out of the airport after learning that Shafiq had been arrested at the airport. But the Cherpulassery team led by Charal Faisal followed on the understanding that the Koduvallikars were going with the gold.

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The clash between the two groups took place at Newman Junction outside the airport. From here a vehicle of the Koduvalli gang went towards Kozhikode. Five of the robbers chased them in a Bolero car, believing the gold was in the vehicle. The people of Cherpulassery returned to Karipur when they came to know that the gold was actually seized by the customs. The car, which was returning quickly, collided with the lorry. All five died at the scene. The deceased have been identified as Mohammad Zahir, Nasser, Zubair, Asainar and Tahir, all residents of Cherpulassery, Palakkad.

According to the lorry driver, the Bolera hit his vehicle after he lost control. A case has been registered against 15 members of the Cherpulassery gang, including five who died. Eight people are currently in custody. They will be produced in court. The case has been registered under IPC 399 for attempted robbery. The group was among those who came to steal gold from Mohammed Shafiq, who was arrested by customs. We have received WhatsApp messages confirming this. The group formed a WhatsApp group called TDY.

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June 21, 2021, 10:37 PM IST