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Prithviraj and Vidya Balan are happy with the release of the new film. Vidya’s ‘Sherni’ and Prithviraj’s ‘Cold Case’ were released through Amazon Prime. Both films received a good response.

Now Amazon Prime Video has released the ‘meeting’ between the hero of Malayalam cinema and the hero of Hindi cinema. When Prithviraj searches for comfort in Hindi, Vidya, who is half Malayalee, answers in Malayalam.

The two have acted together in the movie ‘Urumi’. Prithviraj played the role of Kelu Nair / Krishna Das and Vidya Bala played the role of Makkam and Bhoomi. Below is their interesting conversation.

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The new movie ‘Shirney’ was released on June 18 on Amazon Prime. Vidya played the role of an Indian Forest Service officer.

The background is the annoyances caused by a female tiger out of control in the wild. Vidya’s character comes here to make a decision.

This is a different role from the male-centric roles. Vidya Balan ‘Shakuntala’, a film about Shakuntala Devi’s life story, was released on Amazon Prime last year.

‘Cold Case’ is a digitally released film starring actor Prithviraj in a police role. ACP Prithviraj played the role of Satyajit. This is the first time Prithviraj has acted in a film since Kovid broke out. It is also the first digitally released Prithviraj film.

Prithviraj had said that when he reached the set, everyone had a different experience with masks and shields.

‘Cold Case’ is the first film directed by Tanu Balak, who has a long tradition in the field of advertising. Tanu Balak is behind the superstars and models in Malayalam cinema.

Prior to its release, Prithviraj had made it clear that the film was not story-centric but story-centric. Prithviraj says that in the current scenario, the film has got the best release possible. Prithviraj also pointed out that every audience can enjoy the movie at home.

Summary: Prithviraj and Vidya Balan engage in an interesting conversation as part of the release of their movies Sherni and Cold Case. Viewers are in for a different treat as both lead actors converse via digital medium