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We can never forget Princess Diana Frances Spencer, Prince Charles and the paparazzi who hunted them down. Diana’s agility and glamor have made her an international star and have earned her fame and unprecedented public acclaim.

The latest news is that Diana’s favorite Ford Ford Escort car, which was hailed as the Princess of London, has been sold for Rs 50 lakh. The once-luxury luxury car of Princess Diana was sold by the Ford Escort at a South American museum on Tuesday for more than 50,000 (approximately Rs 50 lakh). Prince Charles gifted a Silver 1.6 El Gia saloon to Lady Diana Spencer in May 1981, just two months before their imaginary star wedding at St. Paul’s Cathedral.

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The car was bought by an antique dealer at auction in 1982 for 6 6,000 and was sold by a telephone auctioneer for 52 52,640 (approximately $ 72,800), including sales tax and buyer’s premium. Lewis Rabbit of the Riemann Dance Auction in Colchester, Southeast England, said the winner of last day’s auction was a museum in South America and the car would be shipped there soon.

There was considerable interest among the people to own the car even before the auction. “The fact that the car is coming to an end in South America is a testament to the fact that there are people around the world who want to buy a car and that they are interested in Diana,” he added.

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The car’s original British registration plate is the WEV 297W. The same goes for paint and upholstery. In addition, the clock shows 83,000 miles (133,575 km). As it was Princess Diana’s car, the car was expected to fetch between ,000 30,000 and 40,000.

Diana, 36, was killed in a car crash in Paris in August 1997. Princess Diana was killed while trying to escape from paparazzi photographers who chased her on motorbikes.

William and Harry, the sons of Princess Diana and Prince Charles, will unveil a new statue of Diana at their former Kensington Palace home in London on Thursday, Diana’s 60th birthday.