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Kottayam: Police say violence took place at an undisclosed location;  Executors, including the young woman who was at the scene


Kottayam: During a day-long investigation, the police came to know about the goonda order in Kottayam. Police confirmed that the violence took place at an undisclosed location. Police also found that Ameer Khan, San Joseph, Shinu from Thiruvananthapuram and Jyothi from Ponkunnam were the leaders of the gang.

According to the police, the attack was carried out by a quotation team from Thiruvananthapuram. A search of Jyoti’s mobile phone turned up a picture of several girls. Police also found chats with customers. “After sending the picture of the girls, Jyoti replied that they can fix it if they decide who they like.” Police also found that the chat with several people had been deleted.

Police have also received information about the financial transaction. The police found that they had bases in various places in Kottayam. Police are also investigating whether the violence was linked to Honeytrap. The injured and the survivor told police they knew nothing about the incident. Police are also investigating the owner of an Innova car that arrived on the scene shortly before the attack. However, police said that he was drunk and unconscious and parked his car near the spot and stayed in the vehicle. Police suspect that he is the victim of a honey trap.
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The attack took place at 9 pm on Tuesday at a rented house on TB Road, Kottayam market junction. San Joseph and Ameer Khan from Ettumanoor were seriously injured in the attack. Her condition was such that her legs and arms were amputated. However, they initially told the police that there was no complaint.

Police were initially skeptical that he would not file a complaint even after being seriously injured in the violence. The youths told the police that they were staying for rent to do plumbing and electrical work in the city. Police also did not believe the statement that the 25-year-old was kept at home only to be fed even as a day laborer. The action was taken by the complainants from the very beginning, doubling the suspicion of the police. A large number of contraceptive pills were found at the scene, raising suspicions that the center was unethical.

Suspicion of a honeytrap arose as only the camera tripod was recovered from the scene. This needs to be clarified. Police are intensifying their investigation into the city’s criminals. Kottayam DySP M Anilkumar told News18 that a final clarification on the incident would be made soon.

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June 30, 2021, 9:49 PM IST