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New ways to make money on Facebook and freelance writers with an eye on the newsletter business


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    March 17, 2021, 2:57 PM IST

Facebook announced on Tuesday that it would launch a new platform to allow freelance writers to interact with audiences through websites and email newsletters. The platform will be available in the US in the coming months. Facebook initially offered the platform through a partnership with a small subset of freelance writers. In this way, writers can make money through various tools.

The potential of freelance writers and content creators is growing. Facebook said in a post that they fully support the work that others do and ensure that it can provide more avenues for growth and financing. Facebook has made it clear that it wants to collaborate with all kinds of creations.

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With the new platform, Facebook will offer a free and self-publishing tool for creating websites and email newsletters. It syncs with Facebook pages and allows you to publish live videos, stories, and photos using different multimedia formats. Authors can create the best Facebook groups and expand their community.

The new platform offered by Facebook will also have features to help readers find new content and authors. Other features include monetization tools, content performance checking statistics, and accelerator services to help creators.

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The Verge points out that the influence of newsletters in the digital arena will increase. For example, Substock is one of the best newsletter platforms with many freelance writers. In addition to Facebook, Twitter is reportedly making a similar effort in the newsletter business. In January of this year, the popular newsletter company Review was acquired by Twitter. Last month, the company announced that it would soon allow content creators to share content in a longer format via Review.

Twitter has announced that it will reduce the charge for the paid version of the platform to 5%. The free edition of the Review allows authors and publishers to send up to 50 newsletters for free. Selecting the paid model will allow you to send more subscribers. In addition to regular tweets, Twitter users can also charge followers to view tweets with some exclusive content. Twitter will take a portion of this subscription amount. Twitter has not disclosed that these services will take effect from.

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