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Muvattupuzha poxo case: A.  A.  Rahim challenged in public debate by Mathew Kuzhalnadan MLA


Kochi: In connection with the poxo case in Muvattupuzha, DYFI state secretary A. A. Rahim challenged in public debate: Mathew Kuzhalnadan MLA Mathew Kuzhalnadan said that he will reach the venue on Monday at 10 am according to AA Rahim. Mathew Kuzhalnadan challenged AA Rahim through a Facebook post. The DYFI had earlier said it would hold a public hearing against the MLA on Wednesday, pointing out that Mathew Kuzhalnadan was protecting the accused in the Pok‌mon case. This was followed by Kuzhalnadan’s publicity challenge.

Full version of Matthew Kuzhalnadan MLA’s Facebook post;

D. Y. F. I State Secretary a. A. To Rahim. For the last few days, you have been campaigning against me and the party in connection with the Poxo case in Muvattupuzha. This response is because it is necessary to change the smokescreen you have created for me in order to uphold the dignity of me and the party as a public figure. I take on your challenging mind. We can have a public debate on this and let the rest of the public decide. If you are ready I will arrive at the venue you say at 10am on Monday in the capital. Waiting for reply.

The DYFI had earlier filed a case against Mathew Kuzhalnadan MLA, alleging that he had defended the bail plea of ​​the accused in the case of molesting a 16-year-old girl. DYFI state president S Satish had alleged that Mathew Kuzhalnadan was the godfather of poachers. Mathew Kuzhal Nadan’s approach is to hunt prey. S Satish said that DIFI will provide necessary assistance to the abused child.

Youth Congress district general secretary Shan Mohammad is the second accused in the case of molesting a 16 – year – old girl from Pothanikad. The case against him was that Shawn hid the fact that he knew the girl had been abused. Riyaz, who raped the child, was arrested by police. Shaan Mohammad has applied for anticipatory bail in the Ernakulam District Sessions Court. This is what lawyer Matthew Kuzhalnadan has taken over. Criticism has been leveled at a Member of Parliament for appearing for a defendant in a torture case. Matthew Kuzhal Nadan shared his position on Facebook.

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