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And the half-seduced lion for the birthday celebration;  Pakistani social media star in controversy

@Projectsaveanimals / Instagram.

The action of a Pakistani social media star who used a lion for a birthday celebration has drawn sharp criticism. Susan Khan, a social media star, used the half-eaten female lion to celebrate her birthday. They also shared the video on their Instagram account.

The half-sedated female lion was used during a birthday party in Lahore. The video shows the lion being chained to a sofa during the festivities. Some guests can be seen touching the lion. The video, which was uploaded to Instagram on Sunday, quickly went viral. Later, there was a lot of criticism against the star. Following the criticism, Susan Khan deleted a birthday celebration video involving a lion.

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The Instagram page Project Save Animal came up with harsh criticism against Susan Khan. It also received a lot of support on the internet. “It is paradoxical that human beings are the first to forget humanity. Wild animals are not decorative objects to show off their wealth and high place in society at celebrations. Sacrificing animal rights for pleasure is unacceptable, ”the note said

Project Save Animal Post also discusses the ethical aspects of such an action. The post asks what it would be like if thousands of people were half-hypnotized in a place called Art, chained and placed on a sofa. Similarly, many lions and lion cubs are being abused in Pakistan. Project Save Animal says such atrocities cannot be seen as normal.

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The video received rave reviews from Susan Khan’s followers on Instagram. Some commented that the video was very shocking and scary. Many have called for legal action against Susan Khan. Another suggested that legislation should be enacted to ensure that Susan Khan is punished and that such incidents do not recur in the future.

Many have questioned how those who commit such acts can be seen as social media influencers. Another question was how can these people, who have no understanding of compassion or the ability to recognize right and wrong, and the justice that animals deserve, become social media influencers. Susan Khan is a woman with more than 50,000 followers on Instagram.

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Asha Sulfiker

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June 29, 2021, 12:20 PM IST