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IPL 2021 |  'Savior' arrives for KKR;  Brendan McCullum with revelation

Brendan McCullum

Kolkata are a six-time playoff team, two-time champions, but have lost rhythm in the last two seasons. The team, which has played in the playoffs for three consecutive years since 2016, has been out of the league stage for the last two seasons. The Kolkata Knight Riders, who lost their rhythm after Gambhir’s departure, have been looking for a big comeback this year under the captaincy of Owen Morgan. However, KKR has suffered its second consecutive defeat in the tournament.

Following the defeats, a lot of criticism has been leveled against the team. Co-owner Shah Rukh Khan has apologized to fans after the loss to Mumbai. The main reason for the defeat was that the midfield did not live up to expectations, with Shakib Al Hassan, Andre Russell and Dinesh Karthik disappointing the fans. KKR coach Brendon McCullum has hinted that the team could be disbanded in the next match.

In this situation, it is estimated that Sunil Narine will go down for KKR. Sunil Narine is likely to replace Shakib Al Hasan, who is in poor form. ‘We would have considered Sunil Narine in the first match but the problem was that he was injured. He has not fully regained fitness. Shakib was given the opportunity in anticipation of a slight advantage in batting against RCB. After the first three games, the team needs some new people. The team will have one or two changes in the next game. “KKR is a team with a good chance of holding on,” said Brendan McCullum.

Varun Chakraborty, who was in good form in yesterday’s match, was criticized for being late in giving the over. McCullum reacted to this as well. ‘Varun bowled well. Then Glenn Maxwell was at the crease. Varun’s over is reserved because AB de Villiers is coming, ”said McCullum. But the team’s move was followed. Both really hit the KKR bowlers.

KKR is strong for outsiders. World number one captain, number one all-rounder, Gill and Rana’s opening and Caribbean strength in finishing. But at present none of this is evident on the field. Andre Russell and Dinesh Karthik have come under heavy criticism.

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Jayesh Krishnan

First published:
April 19, 2021, 5:17 PM IST