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Kochi: The high court has ruled that the treason case against Aisha Sultana cannot be withdrawn. The investigation will take more time as the case is at an early stage. The court also rejected Aisha’s request for an interim stay and directed the Lakshadweep government to inform the progress of the investigation within two weeks. The Central Government strongly opposed Aisha’s plea to quash the case. Earlier, the High Court had granted anticipatory bail to Aisha in the case.

Relevant parts of the bail order were as follows: There is no point in using the bioweapon reference used in the Aisha Sultana channel discussion as a single word that has been abbreviated. The statement should not be seen as a critique of the government, but as a critique of the steps taken by the Lakshadweep government in the defense of Kovid. Aisha Sultana has criticized the administrator’s reforms in the Kovid immunization system in Lakshadweep, which has led to a huge increase in the number of Kovid cases on the island. Criticism of an administration cannot be considered criticism of the Government of India.

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Mass protests continue on the island against government-implemented governance reforms. In this case, the search for a particular section of the population against the Center has not been diverted by Aisha’s statement in the channel discussion or the particular section has been angered by the government. In this case, the court has doubts as to whether Section 153A, which contains treason, exists.

The court is considering only the bail application of Aisha Sultana. Therefore, the court clarified that it does not go into the case in detail. The court also took note of Aisha’s remorse over the biopan reference. The fact that the accused had not been included in previous cases was also a reason for bail. The prosecution did not share the concern that the accused would co-operate with the investigation of the case. There was no demand from the police for him to be taken into custody and questioned. Police are not concerned about destroying evidence or influencing witnesses.

He was released on bail of Rs 50,000 and two others. In his anticipatory bail order, Justice Ashok Menon said that he should appear for questioning when requested by the investigating officers. Recent Supreme Court rulings have also pointed out in the judgment that criticisms leveled against governments do not fall within the ambit of treason.

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The BJP has been accused of making remarks on a channel. The case against Aisha Sultana was based on a complaint lodged by the Lakshadweep unit. The Lakshadweep BJP has questioned Lakshadweep administrator Praful Patel’s use of the term ‘bioweapon’ during a channel discussion. The action was taken on a complaint filed by the president.

The case has been registered under sections 12A and 153B, which include treason. Lakshadweep police have seized Aisha Sultana’s mobile phone after interrogating her three times in the case. Police permission has not been obtained to leave Lakshadweep.

In Lakshadweep, where not a single case was reported in the first Kovid wave, Kovid had 19 cases after the relaxation of Kovid restrictions following a special directive from the administrator. Aisha’s comments were that she felt the administrator’s policies were like a biological weapon.

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July 2, 2021, 1:50 PM IST