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Happy Birthday Adoor Gopalakrishnan |  World filmmaker Adoor Gopalakrishnan turns 80 today

Adoor Gopalakrishnan

Today is Adoor Gopalakrishnan’s 80th birthday. Adoor is not a place name for the world today. It is the address of Malayalam cinema. Adoor can definitely be called the one who informed the world that there is a language called Malayalam. Eighty is the person who made love in the mind of a Malayalee. To a man who taught a Malayalee man to stay close to cinema and women …

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It was the first time in Indian cinema that an intro was so exciting. That too using only natural sounds without the dust of music. The film was directed by Adoor and won four national awards. Global cinema was amazed at the naturalness of a death scene, at the climax of that film.

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He started acting at the age of eight and was announcing his birth mission to the world through Swayamvaram. While still in school, he started a theater company called RNG with two classmates. Then acting with Judas in Kainikkara Kumara Pillai’s play. Later he learned drama lessons from Madurai Gandhigram under G Sankarappilla. He left the National School of Drama because he did not know Hindi and came to the Pune Film Institute by chance. That too with the first rank in the entrance examination.

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Before giving up, Adoor had set up a film society called Chithralekha and taught Malayalees to watch movies.
Gopi was an Electricity Board official who came to hear the script of Kodiyettam. The decision to make Gopi the hero is a sign of Adoor’s adventure. Then the rat with horrible experiences. The sentimentality of those who saw it was shattered. There is another who has copied the laziness of Malayalee leaders like Adoor.

Hrithik Ghatak, Satyajit Ray and Mrinal Sen are close friends. Adoor is at the forefront not only of the country but also of the world.

The man who declared through his work that cinema is not to create subordinates, on his eightieth birthday, does not tie in front of anyone, the walls ….

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