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A four-inch-long knife in the young man's chest;  Discovered a year later

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Manila: A young man who lived with a knife stabbed in his chest for a year is wondering about medicine. The young man lived with a four-inch-sized knife in his chest for more than a year. Kent Ryan Tomo, a 36 – year – old Filipino, has been living a normal life with a knife in his chest for more than a year. During this time he worked hard. A four-inch-long knife was found between his lungs and ribs when he underwent a medical examination prior to entering his new job. X-ray examination revealed this. The young man was then admitted to a hospital in Manila.

Kent was attacked by an unknown man in January last year while returning home from work in the evening. Kent was hospitalized with stab wounds. When they arrived at the hospital with the wound, they stitched it up. He was then given painkillers and discharged from the hospital.

After a few days, I started experiencing occasional chest pain. But it didn’t matter because it wasn’t so serious. When he felt pain during work, he continued to work after resting. During this time, when the pain increased, he went to a nearby hospital and had an ECG. But nothing unusual was found. He bought painkillers and returned home to Kent.

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Kent recently got a job at a new company. The company advised him to undergo a medical examination before entering the job. Kent went to the medical center at the address provided by the company’s HR manager and performed the tests. The chest X-ray was taken after completing various blood tests. The technician who saw the X-ray film was really shocked. A four-inch-long knife was found between the ribs of his chest. It was found near the heart.

The technician immediately informed the doctor. The doctor who examined the X-ray called Kent and told him the information. Company officials said Kent could not be hired after receiving the test results. The young man can enter the new job in the mine only if he takes a knife from inside his body. The employer said it was dangerous to employ someone who lived with a knife in his body. However, hospital officials said the knife would have to be surgically removed to remove it. But Kent says he doesn’t have the money. He is currently hospitalized for further tests. Locals have begun to intervene and move to raise money for Kent’s surgery.

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March 28, 2021, 1:09 PM IST