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The Euro Cup quarter-finals begin today. Eight teams are eagerly awaiting to rule Europe as the tournament enters its exciting stages, with 24 teams battling it out. From today, it remains to be seen who will advance from these eight teams to the next semi-finals after overcoming tough challenges. It remains to be seen who the two teams will be in the final four after today’s match. In the final four, Spain will face Switzerland at 9.30pm and Belgium will face Italy at 12.30pm in what can be described as a super fight in the quarterfinals.

Spain will face Switzerland in the first match of the quarter. The competition is being held in St. Petersburg, Russia. Spain beat Croatia in the quarter-finals, but the Swiss qualified for the quarter-finals after beating world champions France in a long struggle that culminated in a penalty shootout. This is the first time in the history of the Euros that the two teams have met.

The Spanish team will be confident of scoring 10 goals in the last two games, while the Swiss team will be confident of an unforgettable victory against France. If the Spanish team’s strategy is to win the game by holding the ball in their hands, the Swiss team’s strategy is to play with unbridled fighting spirit. It was seen in the last game that they have the strength to come back even if they fall behind in the game.

Despite the excellent performances of the midfield and defense, the uncertainty in the performance of the forwards is a setback for the Spanish team. It is a competition between the players in the forward line of the team in terms of making mistakes. This causes them minor headaches. The Swiss team, on the other hand, are facing a tough challenge from their captain, Granit Shaq. In addition, seven of their players are facing suspension for each yellow card.

The Spanish team has the upper hand in direct competition between the two teams. The Spanish team has won 16 of their last 23 matches. Five matches ended in a draw, with the Swiss winning just one.

The next quarter-final clash will be between world number one Belgium and Italy, who have been unbeaten in their last 31 matches under Roberto Mancini. The match, dubbed the Super Fight of the Quarters, takes place in Munich, Germany. The match will be played at 12.30 pm Indian time.

If Belgium beat defending champions Portugal by a single goal in the pre-quarterfinals, the Assyrians will overcome the strong challenge posed by Austria. It is impossible to predict who will win when the two teams with the potential to win the tournament clash.

The Italian team is a selection of the best players. The players who play in all the positions in the team are superior to each other. The same is true of substitutes. So Mancini will have a headache figuring out who to play with. The Italian team, which had been the face of the defense, is now ahead of the score. Their captain, Killeni, who has been sidelined for the last few games due to injury, could return to action today. If the Killeni-Bonucci alliance can block the Belgian advance on defense, they can own Kali. On the other hand, their strength lies in the fact that the Belgian team, which is attacking, has a midfield that can excel in goals as well as progress. Thorgan Hazard and Axel Witzel, who can take advantage of even half-chances with forward Lukaku, will be a strong challenge for the Italian defense.

Injuries to superstars Kevin De Bruyne and Eden Hazard could hurt the Belgian side. It remains to be seen how coach Roberto Martinez will fill their gap if the two do not play.

The Italian team has the upper hand in major tournaments in direct competition between the two. They have won three of their last five matches. Belgium won one and drew the other.


Euro Cup Quarter final matches start today; Spain meets Switzerland at St Petersburg, Russia, while Belgium lock horns with Italy at Munich, Germany