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Euro Cup |  Euro Cup: England take revenge on Germany at Wembley;  Yokim Loe returns with defeat

England Team celebrating their victory Credits: Twitter | England

England beat Germany in the Super Cup quarter-finals to advance to the quarter-finals. England won the match by two unanswered goals at Wembley Stadium. Gareth Southgate’s team defeated Germany in the 1996 Euro Cup at the same stadium. Following the defeat against England, German coach Jokim Loew returned with a defeat in the final tournament with his team. Raheem Sterling and captain Harry Kane scored in the 74th minute to give England the lead.

England captain Harry Kane enters the match wearing a rainbow-colored Captain Armband‌ in support of the LGBT community. German captain Manuel Neuer wore a rainbow-colored band from the start of the tournament, announcing his support.

The Germans were in control of the game at the start of the first half of the Super Fight, but England slowly regained their composure and held on to the German rate in the game.

In the fifth minute, Goretska of Germany scored the first goal of the game. But England goalkeeper Pickford, who was in the right position, saved the ball. England made their first move in the 16th minute. German goalkeeper Manuel Neuer saved Raheem Sterling’s shot with a long dive. Then, in the 27th minute, England made another move but could not score. Harry Maguire had a chance to score with a tripper’s cross, but the player’s header went into Noir’s hands.

The best chance of the first half came in the 32nd minute. Timo Werner’s catch was deflected by Kai Howertz in the German forward’s shot, but England’s goalkeeper Pickford responded well, but the player’s shot did not reach the goal. Then, just before the end of the first half, England had a great chance. Sterling’s pass from left flank was received by England captain Harry Kane, who was standing in the box when he hit German defender Ginter’s leg. German defender Hummels’ last-minute tackle was averted when the player was determined to score.

Four minutes into the second half, Germany hit the ball into the England box. M മller made an attempt to cross from Gossans from the left, but the player did not get the ball. The ball went straight to Howarts, who was standing at the end of the box. A strong left-footed player was Callen Wally, who missed a goal on England goalkeeper Pickford’s reflex save. Later there were advances from both sides but nothing came close to the goal.

England took the lead in the 75th minute of the match at Wembley Stadium. The ball was given to Luke Shaw, a Greek left – wing player, who got the ball on the move, which was started by Harry Kane. Sterling ran through the German defensive line to a low cross provided by Shaw into the box and with his right foot slowly returned the ball to the right corner of the goal post.

Shortly afterwards, Germany had a chance to score in the 81st minute, but Mെller knocked the ball out just before the goalkeeper from a pass from Howarts. Then in the 86th minute England scored their winning goal and the Germans could not resist the rapid rise as they came forward to equalize. Grealish got the ball from Luke Shaw and had as much time as he wanted to pass the ball to the goalie. Harry Kane hit the ball into the net with his head on a cross from Greelish, scoring England’s second goal and his first in the tournament to seal the victory for the English team.

England will face the winners of the Sweden – Ukraine match in the pre – quarter today.


England beats Germany by 2-0, avenges their decade old hurts at the hands of Wembley

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June 29, 2021, 11:22 PM IST