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Euro Cup |  Euro Cup: Embappe apologizes to fans for the penalty loss that led to France's defeat

Killian Mbabane

French striker Killian Mbabane has apologized to fans for the penalty loss he suffered in France’s elimination in the Euro Cup pre – quarterfinal match against Switzerland. The French team, which reached the World Cup with a bang, was at the top of the list of teams most likely to win the title. Everyone thought that the French team would win yesterday’s pre – quarter match. But they were unable to advance to the quarterfinals as they lined up in the pre-quarterfinal match against the Swiss team. The Swiss goalie blocked the French team ‘s last kick in the decisive penalty shootout, paving the way for them to exit the tournament. The player apologized to the fans for the loss of the penalty. He added that he tried to help the team but failed in it and that it was very difficult to contain the defeat.

The match was extended to extra time and a shootout after both teams drew 3-1 in regulation time. With the first nine kicks in the penalty shootout reaching the target, it was Mbabane who came up with the decisive final kick. However, France’s Euro Cup struggle came to an end when the player’s kick was blocked by Swiss goalkeeper Somer.

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“I apologize for missing the penalty. I tried to help my team but failed. It’s hard to contain the defeat in the match, I can not sleep anymore. But I love this game of football and that’s why. I thank you for the support and love you have given me. About Mbabane.

The youngster was the superstar of the French team preparing for the Euro Cup. The so-called future promise of world football, however, could not shine in the Euros. He played four matches and failed to score a single goal. Embappa’s only goal assist in the tournament was an assist in the final.


French striker Kylian Mbappe apologizes to fans for the penalty he missed against Switzerland, which resulted in their defeat

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June 29, 2021, 5:12 PM IST