Malayalam News – ‘England will win if they win’; Pon keeps his word; Malayalees say ‘Perfect OK’ | Ponstar Astrid Wett, who has announced that she will be topless if England wins, has kept her word | News18 Kerala, Buzz Latest Malayalam News

astrid wett porn star

England – Germany English player Ashrid Wet has come out with a promise of a dress code if England win the Euro Cup. A huge fan of Chelsea in the English League, they have been a spectator in all of England’s matches in the Euros.

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The player was challenged just before the match. He promised to go naked on Twitter. England beat Germany in the match. Following this, fans flocked to Astrid Wet’s Instagram page. The word was to be kept. Malayalees also made comments. Astrid Wet also shared a screenshot on Twitter asking what happened to his Instagram.

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But after a while, Astrid Wet followed through on Twitter. They shared a topless photo in front of Webley Stadium. The photo is now getting a lot of interesting comments. There are many comments from Malayalees. The comments in Malayalam start with ‘Chechi is our hero who kept his word’, ‘Come to Kochi when the Blasters’ game is going on’, ‘Perfect OK’ and ‘Machane Ithu Pore Aliya’. Anyway, the actor has thanked everyone, including Malayalees, for this love.

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July 2, 2021, 10:09 AM IST