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Did CK Asha MLA call Annie Siva to her house and salute her?  What is behind the controversy?

CK Asha MLA, Anne Shiva

BJP leader Renu Suresh’s comment on social media that Vaikom MLA CK Asha called SI Annie Siva home and saluted her on social media has gone viral. What is the truth of the incident is a big discussion on social media. Anne Shiva has already taken to social media to denounce the allegations. But everyone was curious as to what CK Asha had to say. Meanwhile, CK Asha clarified his position on News18.

CK Asha MLA said that the incident of Renu Suresh on social media was untrue. Annie Siva herself, who had to complain about this, came to the scene and completely denied the allegations. Therefore, it is not ready to respond further. CK Asha MLA also asks why he should react to something that is not there. The officers at the Vaikom police station at that time knew everything. With that said, CK Asha MLA is ending the response.

What actually happened?

This is according to an inquiry conducted by News18 during the CK Asha Annie Shiva controversy. During the election, CK Asha MLA was traveling from her home to her husband’s house at 12 noon. Meanwhile, at Vaikom Pulinchuvat junction, I saw a man walking alone. The MLA stopped the vehicle and asked where he was going at this time. The answer was that duty was over. The MLA had doubts as to whether the student was a police cadet as he did not have a hat on his head. It is learned that when the question was repeated, Anne Shiva replied harshly.

The MLA asked if I knew who I was. The answer is that I have come to your duty. The MLA asked back if the expression “you” was correct. He replied that it is practiced in my country. As a question of where your country is. The SI replied that it was Thiruvananthapuram. The MLA replied that it may be so in Thiruvananthapuram, but in Vaikom the language will be misunderstood. Eventually a police jeep arrived and took Annie Siva home.

As an MLA, I was humiliated in front of my family. The MLA raised the question to help ensure security as he is a Member of Parliament. The MLA brought the incident to the attention of the district police chief. He said he would check in soon but nothing happened for two weeks. With this, the MLA lodged a complaint with the Speaker and the Chief Minister. After receiving the complaint, the district police chief and Vaikom CI called. He then went to the house of the CI MLA. Then Anne Shiva came and explained things.

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Annie Shiva was upset that she could not get a jeep to go home even after waiting for a long time. The mobile phone had run out of charge. A police officer who was on duty in Vaikom at the time told News18 that the problems were over with this statement.

Wrong Anne Siva or MLA

Despite the controversy on social media, the two could not be blamed for the incident. That was the intentional act of the MLA. It was suspected that any child was arguing at home. Annie Shiva, on the other hand, had to go home late at night due to work stress. In any case, an incident where the two became very friendly is the big talk today.

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