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Happy Birthday IV Sasi |  'I'm not a dog to clap like this';  This is how the relationship between IV Shashi and Seema started

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Starting from an interesting experience at Vijaya Gardens in Madras in 1977, Mannan grew close to IV Sasi and Seema, the all time favorite actress of Malayalam cinema. Seema came with dancer Manisha for a movie shoot. Seema then notices IV Sasi looking at them and clapping her fingers. Anonymity and finger-pointing angered both of them. When he could not see Seema’s response, Shashi shouted ‘Come here’. Seema said angrily, ‘I am not a dog to clap like this’!

Shashi Seema was asked to act in a dance scene in the film ‘Ee Manohara Theeram’. But Seema did not agree to it due to anger in her mind. The next day I sent the dance master and IV Shashi applied again. When asked for a large sum in return, Shashi shocked Seema and agreed. When asked again, he agreed! When she finally asked for the reward first, Shashi surprised Seema again by sending her money. It can be said that Shashi has locked up Seema as she has no other option but to act in a movie. IV Shashi falls in love with Seema after the shooting of this movieീമ!

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Later, while working on the film ‘Avalude Raavakal’, Seema played the role of a character that other mainstream actresses refused to do and later Seema became an integral part of Malayalam cinema. Seema acted in 50 films between 1978 and 1980 alone.

Seema, who played her favorite characters as if she was in the home of Malayalees, still wants to give all the credit for her acting excellence to Shashi Etta. Seema is proud to say that it was Shashi Etta who brought out her full potential as an actress. Apart from being a life partner, Seema also likes to describe IV Sasi as an acting guru.

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The sincerity shown by IV Sasi and Seema couple towards cinema is still a role model for filmmakers. We need to remember Seema’s career as a strong character after marriage when there are still actresses who stop acting after marriage. Earlier, the couple had openly said that they were back in the movie business two days after their marriage. When you hear that Seema acted in ‘Ahimsa’ when she was nine months pregnant, it is a little hard to believe!

Seema will no doubt say that IV Sasi, who was born on March 28, 1948 in Kozhikode, was a filmmaker and was the first wife. Seema says that her commitment and love for cinema has never caused problems in her marriage.

Ani, the son of IV Sasi and Seema, is also on his way to film. The first film ‘Ninnila Ninnila’ was released last month. Ani, who has been co-directing with director Priyadarshan for 10 years, has released her film C5 on the OTT platform. The film is in Telugu. Seema had requested the audience to give her son all kinds of support as she had supported herself and Shashi Etta.

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