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Dr. Sunny from ‘Manichitrathazhu’, a quarter of a century ago, is the beginning of the journey behind the creations of Malayalam cinema that combined psychology, parapsychology and psychic powers. Such films again passed in front of the audience at different times and in different eras. When introducing the ‘Cold Case’, some of these will come to mind again. Prithviraj’s film is coming out in the 2020s, when thriller films will be released, with a story that is lined up with science, man and beyond human definitions.

The ‘Cold Case’ is the journey of a team of detectives following a skull that emerged from the water wrapped in a garbage bag. ACP in charge of investigation. When the character of Prithviraj as Satyajit comes in, after the same case, a journalist named Medha (Aditi Balan) also comes down without even knowing each other. The plot revolves around their parallel investigation.

As Satyajit’s journey unfolds on the path of evidence, science and scrutiny, Medha’s moves in the light of supernatural powers and experiences that are difficult for anyone else to understand. TV that introduces something beyond the five senses. Medha, who is behind the show, decides to unravel some of the strange happenings in the house where she and her daughter live.

While there is a mismatch between reason and faith, it helps to expose the person behind the skull and their lives, and to tear down the false face of the barbaric murder that freezes the human conscience.

The screenplay of this film is capable of competing with thriller films like ‘Pretham’, ‘Ancham Pathira’ and ‘Drishyam’ which have gone through before. When Prithviraj, who played another policeman, was asked, he gave the same answer; The story is important here, not the characters.

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Satyajit’s investigation into the death of a man whom no one even complains is missing, and Medha’s journey often provide some twists and turns to mislead the audience that no one is to blame.

In addition, good social observation is an asset of the film. The film depicts moments when we are asked, ‘Can a man do the same to his partner?’ The film manages to entertain as well as inform, with no mention of it during the campaign. The first days of the Kovid outbreak are set against the backdrop of crime. But in the ensuing investigation, attention was drawn to portraying the characters in the film as following Kovid standards. That turned out to be a character getting ready.

When the characters do the job assigned to them by the script, the director has given them the opportunity to do so, including newcomers. Apart from Prithviraj, familiar faces like Aditi Balan, Anil Nedumangad, Atmiya, Mala Parvathy, Lakshmipriya Chandramouli who got attention through ‘Salt Mango Tree’, Alansier, Rajesh Hebbar, Suchitra Pillai from Bollywood, Mohan Raj and Vijayakumari who are active in parallel cinema, The roles have been done. The film is scripted by journalist Srinath.

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The film manages to entertain as well as inform, with its horror atmosphere and musical arrangement used on small screens. It doesn’t feel like you could have enjoyed all of this on the big screen.

Debutant filmmaker Tanu Balak has taken care to capture the beauty of the sets that are often seen when a director with many years of experience in the field of advertising enters the film industry.

A horror investigation thriller film ‘Cold Case’ continues to be screened on Amazon Prime.