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Thane: One of the children who climbed a tree to get a network on his mobile phone was killed by lightning. Three people were injured. The shocking incident took place at Palkhar in Maharashtra. The deceased has been identified as Ravindra Korda, 15.

The accident happened on Monday evening. According to Tehsildar Rahul Sarang, the children had come to graze cattle in Mankarpada area of ​​Dhanu taluk. There has been heavy rain with thunder in the area for the last few days. According to him, the children climbed the tree in search of a mobile range despite the inclement weather.

Ravindra died on the spot after being struck by lightning. Three injured children have been admitted to hospital. They are between 14 and 16 years old. The tehsildar also said that Ravindra’s body was shifted to a government hospital for post – mortem.

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