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Case of beheading of friend with a stone;  Defendant arrested eight years later

The accused is brought to the spot and evidence is taken

Eight years after the murder of a young man in Alappuzha Charummootty, he has been arrested. Pramod, a native of Pathanapuram, was arrested by the Crime Branch Special Investigation Team from Tamil Nadu yesterday. The deceased has been identified as Irshad Mohammad, a native of Kandalur, Pathanapuram. Defendant was brought to the scene and evidence was taken.

Pramod, a friend of Pathanapuram Punnala, was arrested by the Alappuzha Crime Branch Special Team in connection with the beheading of 24 – year – old Irshad Mohammad at Naval Manzil, Kandalur, Pathanapuram, on June 27, 2013. Pramod and Irshad, who reached Charummootty on the 26th, stayed at the rented house that day. The next day they went out and went to the bar selling the mobile phone brought by Pramod and got drunk and the two returned at night. Following the altercation, Pramod hit Irshad on the head with a half stone near his house while he was asleep. After doing the right thing, the night passed by.

On the third day after the incident, the owner of the house came to the backyard and smelled the stench. Police were investigating a stranger who was seen in a rented house with Irshad on the day of the incident. While checking the CCTV footage of a nearby bar, the police found out that Pramod, a native of Pathanapuram, was staying with Irshad in a rented house. Police were unable to locate the man, who had no connection to his home or country. The police did not use his mobile phone. The crime branch took over the investigation within two months of the incident. The crime branch also started its probe from a stranger found in a rented house. Subsequently, notices with his photo were posted inside and outside Kerala. Meanwhile, after questioning a relative in Tamil Nadu, Pramod came to know that he was in Chennai.

He showed the crime branch how the murder was committed. The accused told police that Irshad had punched him in the leg and injured his eye while he was fighting under the influence of alcohol. After the incident, the accused confessed that he had slept near a mill in Charummootty and woke up in the morning and walked through several lanes to reach Thiruvalla and boarded the train. The investigation was led by Alappuzha Crime Branch SP Prashanthan Kani.


Alappuzha Charummoottil murder case accused caught after eight years

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June 30, 2021, 10:57 PM IST