LPG price hike closes kitchen: M. M. Hassan – Veekshanam

Thiruvananthapuram: UDF convener MM Hasan said that the central government, which is robbing the common man through fuel price hike, is closing the kitchen of the poor by increasing the price of cooking gas.

25.50 per domestic cylinder and Rs. 80 per commercial cylinder. During the last six months, the price of LPG for domestic use has been increased by Rs. 140.50.

MM Hassan warned that the Modi government would burn to ashes if it did not end this day-to-day plunder that is making people’s lives miserable.

Occasionally there is a fire in the kitchen of an ordinary person as the rise in fuel prices causes food prices to rise. The looting is being carried out by the Central Government, which is supposed to provide relief and support to the people by providing relief packages in times of distress due to the loss of jobs and income due to the lockdown. The hike in the price of commercial cylinders will lead to an increase in the price of hotel food. This will hit the common man in the stomach. .