LPG cylinder price hiked; Check out the latest price, Rs 50 Hiked in a week | The darkness for the people continues; The price of cooking gas has gone up again, an increase of Rs 200 in 3 months

New Delhi: The price of cooking gas has skyrocketed in the country. Today, the price has gone up by Rs 25 per domestic cylinder and Rs 100 per commercial cylinder. With the price hike, the price of a domestic cylinder in Kochi has gone up to Rs 826. The price of a commercial cylinder is Rs.

The price of a domestic cylinder has gone up by Rs 200 in three months. In February alone, prices rose three times. 25 on February 2, Rs. 50 on February 14 and Rs. 25 on February 25. LPG prices are also on the rise as fuel prices continue to rise in the country.

Massive protests are rising in the country. Frequent rising prices can upset the kitchen budget of the common man. Prices are rising on the back of rising oil and natural gas prices in the international market. But ordinary people are asking what is not reduced when prices fall in the international market. It is hoped that the public will start protesting more in the coming days.