Longtime Halo Multiplayer Advertiser Confirmed Return for Halo Infinite

If you’ve ever played the multiplayer component of a Halo game, you’re probably familiar with the voice of Jeff Steitzer. Dating back to the first episode of the series, Steitzer has been the voice behind the announcer you’ll hear in a multiplayer match. Iconic choruses like “Slayer”, “Double Kill” and “Betrayal!” everything came from Steitzer’s mouth during the year. Fortunately, it has now been confirmed that Infinite halo will not be without Steitzer’s talents once again as he will return for the next entry.

In a new issue # Ask343 that was released recently, 343 Industries Senior Audio Technical Designer Chase Thompson was asked whether Steitzer could return as a multi announcer again. Infinite halo. “I can confirm that Jeff Steitzer will be back and we’re excited to see how fans are enjoying the new VO for the multiplayer experience,” Thompson said in a very straightforward manner. He also said that Steitzer’s voice was one of the most recognizable sounds in all of Halo. “There is nothing better than hearing a classic ‘Double Kill’ from the announcer,” he said.

The idea that Steitzer will come back again Infinite halo It might not be too shocking, but since he’s been with the show since its inception, it’s almost rare to see it still going strong two decades later. At a time when many developers associated with Halo have succeeded each other over the years, Steitzer remains one of the oldest people associated with the series, which is a pretty cool thing to brag about.

Infinite halo Still doesn’t have a release date, but the game is expected to launch later this fall. When it arrives, it will appear on the Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and PC platforms.

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