Loknath Behra as the victim in the farewell parade

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: Loknath Bey is the subject of a farewell parade. Hr. Wednesday as part of his retirement from state police chief In the Way TC in the Pay Tau Thale Po Li Tai Ta Le La Libra In the first speech, Loknath Behra was the victim.

He speaks Malayalam with all his heart and speaks Malayalam. He said he would not show them either. He started talking about Kerala during his tenure. Hru’s eyes widened at the words.

There is no regret in retiring after 36 years of service in the Army. Recruitment and placement at different times in each person’s life There will be retirements. This is an exception.

During his five years as police chief, there were ups and downs. Has. But he was not poisoned in the low games. Instead, think of these as actions that you must take on a regular basis. Thought to bring change in the day. Behra also said that this is his philosophy.

He had the support of the police chief from all quarters. Steps have been taken to control the use of drones in the state. Loknath Behra said.