Localization in mobile restaurants; Expatriates will suffer setbacks

Riyadh: Indigenization is being implemented in mobile restaurant jobs in Saudi Arabia. The Ministry of Manpower and Social Development is implementing a mandatory complete Saudiization of three food trucks from next month.

Complete Saudiization is being implemented in vehicles selling ice cream, beverages and food. The Ministry will implement various assistance schemes for those who want jobs by taking advantage of the Saudiization schemes. The Ministry will implement schemes including the payroll scheme for new entrants and the scheme for payment of job training. The ministry aims to provide employment to more than three lakh natives in the private sector within three years.

The Ministry of Manpower and Social Development has also decided to make the Saudiization of 20 per cent mandatory in restaurants. Restaurants operating inside shopping malls and malls are required to comply with 40 percent Saudiization. All restaurants with four or more employees per shift must comply with a certain percentage of Saudiisation.

Last Updated Apr 17, 2021, 8:21 PM IST