Link Tank: Why You Must Watch This Black Hole Documentary On Apple TV

“Between 1551 and 1558, the Swiss physician and naturalist Conrad Gessner published his magnificent opus, the five volumes of 4500 pages Historiae animalium, which became the most widely read natural history collection of the time. Combining the work of those who came before him … Gessner attempted to catalog all known beasts, even those we know today to be mythological.

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Minari, with Steven Yeun, is a must-see American story about a Korean family moving to Arkansas.

Minari, about a Korean family moving to Arkansas, but the effect goes far beyond something like “a childish wonder.” In his semi-autobiographical tale from the 1980s, Chung uses his replacement, 6-year-old David (played by the incredibly adorable Alan Kim), as a way to unearth the contradictions and puzzles of assimilation.

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Twitter has implemented a five-shot system that will ban users from spreading false information about COVID-19.