Lime water was sold ten years ago, and today SI; Annie Shiva says ‘Don’t lose’

The girl, who was rejected by her husband and her family and had to take to the streets at the age of 18 with her six – month – old baby, is an SI at the Varkala police station more than 14 years ago.

Anne Siva, a warrior mother, is a model of self-reliance and life success. Anne Siva, a native of Kanjiramkulam, tells the story of the resurrection and success of a girl who lost her energy to die in suicide attempts without a bed to sleep in or an early meal to starve.

While studying for her first year degree at KNM Govt. College, Kanjiramkulam, she started living with a friend against the wishes of her family. The group disappeared six months after the baby was born. He returned to his home with the baby in his arms, but the barriers of malice prevented him from doing so. He started life with his son on the slope of his grandmother’s house.

Curry powder and soap were brought home and traded. Became an insurance agent. The project and record were prepared for the students. The goods were delivered to the homes by bike. Accompanied by many for small trades at festival venues. In the meantime, he went to college and graduated in Sociology.

She lived alternately with her baby in various places for months at a time. Haircuts like boys. He became the father of his son Shivasurya. At first glance, many thought he was a brother and a sister.

In 2014, at the instigation of a friend, the women’s SI. He joined the training center in Thiruvananthapuram to write the exam. She also appeared for the post of Women Police. In 2016, she got a job as a female police officer. In 2019, SI. Pass the exam. After training, he was first posted as SI in Varkala on June 25, 2021.

Annie Shiva wrote about her life on Facebook: “She was holding on without going crazy somehow. Even though she suffered so much and by the grace of God brought her life to a shore, Mon, my brother and I lived in this country where there was no room for guilt, slander and storytelling.

English Summary: success story of anie shiva sub inspector of police

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