Lights and Sounds owner commits suicide in Thiruvananthapuram

Thiruvananthapuram: The owner of an establishment in Thiruvananthapuram committed suicide due to financial crisis. The incident took place at a broken bridge. Nirmal Chandran, 54, owner of Maya Light & Sounds, committed suicide.

He was found dead under a chicken in Varkala. According to the employees and relatives of Nirmal Chandran, he committed suicide due to financial crisis. The Light and Sound Institute has been locked up for two years in a corona situation. Nirmal started a chicken shop for a living. But it is said that he committed suicide when it did not go well.

Several petitions were filed under Nirmal’s leadership, citing problems in the region, alleging that equipment at Lights and Sounds was being eroded. He also talked to relatives about the financial crisis. But he committed suicide when he could not find a solution.