Leaving Kerala for industrial ventures will send the wrong message: MA Yousafali | siraj daily

Abu Dhabi | MA Yusufali, Chairman, Lulu Group, a prominent Malayalee businessman, said that leaving Kerala for industrial ventures would send the wrong message. He also said that he does not want Kitex Company to leave Kerala. He was speaking to the media at a media meeting in Abu Dhabi.

With an investment of `3500 crore and an investment of` 1 crore, it is huge for Kerala. Kitex m. De Sabu will talk to Jacob about this. Yusufali said he would hold talks with NORKA to ensure financial assistance to the families of the expatriates who died due to Kovid.

The Lulu Group will be collaborating with the Dubai World Expo, which starts on October 1. Yusufali added that this would give a new impetus to the UAE’s trade and commerce sector.