Leaning on Kohli’s shoulder for one of these reasons: Frankly, Williamson

The eight-wicket defeat of the Indian team in the final of the ICC World Test Championship has become a hot topic in world cricket. The New Zealand team went down in history as the first Test champions, ending a long drought as the Indian team collapsed in both batting and bowling in a battle of equals. Following the poor performance of the Indian team in the final, many cricket fans are discussing the poor performance of the batting line – up and the team selection without understanding the situation in Southampton.

The film went viral among cricket lovers and the world of cricket and became a hit with fans. Now Kiwis captain Kane Williamson, who has returned home after winning the final, is open about his action and the reason for it. The player is now answering the question of why he did not celebrate his long-awaited World Cup achievement and immediately went for friendship with the opposing captain. In the final, Kane Williamson batted well in both innings, scoring 49 in the first innings and 52 not out in the crucial second innings. Captain Kane Williamson is now being hailed as a Test champion by many former cricketers.

“Our embrace after the final is a testament to the great friendship between us. Although we won the match, the games against India were never easy. The games against them are always full of challenges. They are the best team and the toughest team. In the finals, the competition was always in favor of both teams. We have been good friends for years and we have a deeper connection than cricket, ”Williamson said.

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